Orcs were living on the island of Antar, when the elves first arrived. It was not long after the elves colonized the island, that the two races began a war that lasted for centuries. The causes of the war are unclear. The elves said that the orcs started the war by attacking one of their cities, while the orcs claim that the elves started the war by ambushing a tribe of orcs, and slaughtering them. In any case the end result of the war was the withdrawal of the elves from their cities and a continuing feud between the two races.

Game Information:
Height: Male: 6’2’’-7’
Female: 5’7’’ to 6’
Skin color: A dull green.
Eye Color: Red, green, blue, brown, or yellow.
Stats: +2 Str -2 Cha -2Int +2 wis

Orc Ferocity: An orc that that has been engaged in combat for at least one round will stay alive at negative hit points if he chooses

Orc Senses: Orcs gain low-light vision and scent.

Unfamiliar with cities: Orcs get a -4 penalty to all spot and listen checks while inside cities.


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