Antonio Rudovelli

He stands at about 5' 11'', with medium length black hair and a slight dark beard, weighing about 175 lbs.


STR 15 +2
DEX 15 +2
CON 13 +1
INT 13 +1
WIS 14 +2
CHA 12 +1
HP 7

.Improved unarmed strike
.Combat expertise
Skills 36

  • Appraise
  • Balance
  • Bluff
  • Climb
    o Concentration
  • Craft
  • Decipher Script
  • Diplomacy
  • Disable Device
  • Disguise
  • Escape Artist
  • Forgery
  • Gather Information
    o Handle Animal
    o Heal
  • Hide
  • Intimidate
  • Jump
  • Knowledge(local)
  • Listen
  • Move Silently
  • Open Lock
  • Perform
  • Profession
    o Ride
  • Search
  • Sense Motive
  • Sleight Of Hand
    o Speak Language
    o Spellcraft
  • Spot
    o Survival
  • Swim
  • Tumble
  • Use Magic Device
  • Use Rope
  • Bio:

    Antonio grew up the son of a popular and wealthy traveling merchant. His mother died during childbirth so he spent the first six years of his life with various surrogate mothers. Soon he began to accompany his father on his trade expeditions and by the age of 13 was a member of the crew every time his father set sail. He soon learned he had some natural talent in hand-to-hand combat and by the age of 17 was able to take even the largest of the crew members in friendly matches.
    The Doge of Antonio’s home city-state announced that the people should prepare themselves for an upcoming election, as he was sick and lay upon his death bed. So at the age of 21 Antonio’s father decided to retire, and being a popular merchant soon became a candidate for Doge. Antonio took up the ship and the trading business and soon set sail as the captain. He returned a year later to find his father had died in a tragic accident and that the current Doge remained alive, yet barely.
    Antonio was shocked to find that his father’s dying wish was for his son to run for Doge in his stead. Holding a high reputation among the people (which consisted almost entirely of sailors and their families), his father’s wish was excepted by the populace and Antonio soon found himself a candidate for Doge.
    Soon he discovered why his father had suggested he run in his place, for he soon learned that the only other candidate was a highly corrupt and greedy politician name Lord Bartholomew who would certainly prove to be the destruction of the people should he win the upcoming election. He was a retired captain of the Guard, and for some reason many of the town’s guards remained loyal to him.
    One evening he overheard the opposing candidate conspiring with a man in black. He learned that an assassin had been hired to pose as one of the Doge’s guards and that the assassin would slip into the doge’s chamber, slit his throat and blame it on the maid, who was a supporter of Antonio and would be accused of conspiring with him to kill the doge.
    It was a story extremely unbelievable, and Antonio knew that if he told anyone the assassination would be canceled and he would surely lose the election. So he took action himself and crept to the Doge’s chamber on the night of the assassination.
    As he approached a guard came out of the room, telling another guard to send the maid with a pitcher of water and then to take the night off. The other guards agreed and left to fetch the maid as the first guard slipped back into the Doge’s chamber.
    Quietly Antonio followed behind the guard and entered the room as the false guard raised a knife over the Doge’s chest. Antonio leapt forward and plunged his own knife into the back of the assassin just as the assassin’s pierced the Doge’s heart. He hurried to the Doge, desperate to keep him alive, just to find that he had already died. Now the maid came in. The pitcher of water shattered as she dropped it and screamed. Has it turned out, the maid was not much younger than he, in fact she was one of Antonio’s childhood friends.
    Before he could explain himself the other candidate came in with a company of guards. Antonio suspected he had been watching the whole thing from outside. He had both Antonio and the maid imprisoned and Antonio spent the next week in a dark dungeon hearing his friends sobs down the hall.
    Soon he was called to the court, where Lord Bartholomew acted as judge for lack of any remaining leadership. He said that he had decided to be merciful since Antonio was such an important man in the city. He offered him three choices. The first was the punishment anyone would receive for slaying the Doge. Execution.
    The second option was what Lord Bartholomew recommended to Antonio. He could confess that it was the maid and then he would be set free, as his childhood friend was hung.
    The third option was for Antonio to share the blame with the maid. They would both be banished to different areas, though both areas were filled with barbarians.
    Antonio realized that it had all been set up for this. Bartholomew didn’t even care about the death of the Doge. He just wanted Antonio out of the picture. And he knew that Antonio would never subject his friend to death, or even worse at the hands of the barbarians.
    “I choose death,” he said.
    Soon he was led to the execution field, his hands bound with rope in front of him. There stood a large wooden platform. On it was a piece of wood with a curve carved into the top. Suspended between two poles, a curved blade hung above the wood. Two guards led him to the Execution Stage. A black clad executioner awaited him.
    As he stepped up onto the platform he turned to the east. There he could barely see the shape of Lord Bartholomew watching from a balcony high in the keep, accompanied by two guards armed with crossbows. To the west the sun had begun to set, and a crowd of onlookers had congregated around the in the courtyard.
    Soon a guard began to read out the charges as the executioner gruffly shoved Antonio’s head between the two poles, his neck laying on the curve in the wooden plank.
    “Antonio Rudovelli. You have been found guilty of the following charges: Murder in the first degree. Treason against the people’s freely elected Doge. Disturbing of the peace. Disruption of the election process….” The list continued.
    “Do you have any final wishes?” The executioner asked.
    Antonio squinted up at the setting sun. Soon.
    He lowered his voice to barely a whisper.
    “What?” the executioner asked, leaning closer. Just as the sun set at the perfect angle, blinding the two achers standing by Bartholomew. He jumped up, slamming his fists into the executioners jaw.
    He quickly kicked the lever and the curved blade was released onto the wood. Antonio slipped his hands into the space between the curved wood and the blade and cut off the rope binding his hands. He turned and barely avoided a guards spear, then slammed his fist into the guards gut, doubling him over. A knee into the guards face sent him sprawling over the edge of the podium. The second was too slow to draw his weapon after reading out the charges, and quickly fell victim to a good kick to the nerves above his knee, temporarily crippling him.
    Antonio quickly jumped off the platform and began running towards the western gate, through the crowd. To his surprise, he met no resistance. In fact, the people actually cleared a path for him.
    The sun gave him the minute he needed, and none of the archers were able to get a shot off at him. Soon he was out the western gate and heading towards the lands of the barbarians. He wouldnt be gone for long though. He would return in no less than a month. He just needed a way to expose Bartholomew. He wouldn’t let his home be ruined by a fat and lazy dictator.

    Antonio Rudovelli

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