Heroes of Antar

A siege

Dj’s character, a traveling Lucilian Alchemist, ran out of ingredients for his potions and poison. When he went outside of Corsham, the city he was staying in, to gather more herbs, he spotted orcs, and hid in the brush. From there, he witnessed hundreds of orcs running past him.

Small Bandits
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Small Bandits.

The pcs accept an offer by the mayor of Corsham to go clear the roads, which have been trapped and fortified, in exchange for money. When they reach the area in question, they are ambushed by a kobold, but quickly kill him, and begin to slaughter his brethren. After all of the kobolds are dead,(and after falling pray to a number of traps), the pcs decide to retreat without disarming the traps. The mayor, slightly disappointed, pays them for killing the kobolds.


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